Monday, March 1, 2010

Doin' our part!

This Saturday, I glanced outside before I jumped in the shower. This is what I saw...

And this!


Let me gently point out that this is not is snow.  My poor Angus bull - my poor HUGE Angus bull  - was scared to death and completely bewildered.  He stood for a time looking around and then realizing that this was nothing he'd ever seen in his lifetime - he headed straight into the barn.  I think we'll change his name to Ferdinand.

Now...let me just state that I take pretty quick showers.  Six, eight minutes tops....this busy mama doesn't have time for much more.  When I got out of the shower I thought I'd check to see if the snow was up to the windowsills yet...and this is what I saw...


Where did all the snow go...oh...don't worry...15 minutes later...

What's coming behind the blue?

I'm pretty sure I see snow at the other end of the valley...despite the blue skies...5 minutes later...

Here we go again!

Again with the did this ALL DAY on was so I wear a coat to walk for the mail...or grab my sunglasses?

In an effort to do our part to end this nonsense...I decided it was time to pack up our "winter'" decorations that (my sincerest apologies!) indicate we have had a desire for snow...

Pulling in the welcome mat!

Not. Welcome. Anymore. Don't let Spring hit you on the backside on your way out!

Let it STOP!

What were we thinking??

Enough already!

I want you to know that all of these things are now packed safely away in the basement.  Please forgive us for our prior enthusiasm for snow.  Perhaps....perhaps...we'll pull them out next November...but I'm not promising!

We've done our it is up to you parents to make sure that none of your little ones are still praying for snow. Talk to them...convince them that sunshine is GOOD, warmth, swimming pools, fresh tomatoes...sigh...

However...I have PROOF that spring is on the way.  Something happens in my kitchen every spring!  If you hurry, you can join me....I'll tell y'all more tomorrow!



  1. While reading some of your past posts, I saw the one of your son's intention to sell his jewelry making supplies.

    I'm wondering if Jeremy might have any of his jewelry supplies left to sell? I am interested. Give me a mail if you will.

    Wanted you to hear: I'm having great success with my tea making. Again thank you very much. It is quite tasty. Looking for good results after drinking it awhile.

  2. On a local church sign a couple of weeks ago it read: "If you are the one praying for snow, Please Stop!"

    God does answer prayers of believers and it takes true believers to realize that!

  3. However.....I noticed that you still have "Big Snow in Salzburg" first on your playlist :)

    Andrea in IL where we KNOW snow.

  4. Ha ha! I just took down our snow village today. And as dearly as I love winter and cloudy skies, I really have missed the sun. Hope you've enjoyed the past few days of sunshine!



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