Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayers for Todd....and a request

I have written before requesting prayer for Todd.  He is a dear friend to my family and he is in a fight for his life. 

Today I'm asking you to join and sign this fan page, asking a research study group that Todd be allowed into a trial treatment for his cancer:!/pages/A-Petition-for-Todd-to-Get-the-Cancer-Treatment-He-Needs-URGENT/103529669682297

Todd was denied this potentially life saving treatment because his tumor was 6cm different than the requirement.  

This is very urgent - please do this today  since we are hoping the staff at the research hospital will see this wall (and all the signatures on it). Also, please suggest this page to all of your friends, even if you or they don't normally do groups. I would personally be really grateful, and I know Todd and Barbara would appreciate your support as well.

Short of a miracle, this may be the best chance Todd has in his fight against the cancer which has spread to his lung and neck, as well as on his tongue.

You can read more about the treatment he's seeking on the Info tab of the Petition Fan page. 

Thank you all,


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  1. Check out this information for your friend - Jim Humble. I have used it and am a firm believer. Also Essiac Tea at the health food stores. Also dandelion root will cure cancer. My brother has/had colon cancer and in chemo treatment now...doctors are gods so he's afraid to try anything not recommended by his.


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