Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A shameless ad! (Worms to follow!)

First the shameless ad - remember Elijah's new puppy Miss Poppins?  Well Poppy has a brother in need of a home.

.He's a teddy bear!

My mama has found him to be a bit more than she can handle.  I have to admire her for trying! He likes to chase chickens and my mama can't keep up with him to keep him safe. SO...we are looking for a loving home for this cute little teddy bear.

Nap time!

If you are local, and think you'd enjoy this little boy, please email me or give me a call. I will even deliver him! He will be about 7 lbs. full grown, he is a real snuggler, loves to nap on your lap but is still very playful!  He has had all of his shots except a rabies/parvo booster needed in about a month.  He comes with the crate my mama purchased for him for training. He gets along fine with mama's poodle but is probably too small to play with a large dog.

Is he the puppy for you?

Thanks so much!

My post on worms should be up tomorrow!



  1. cCan I get the dog? Please, pretty please. Now I'll finish reading your post.

  2. Can I have the dog? I live in Elizabethton. You are in Greenville, aren't you - the one who sent me the kombucha about a month ago. I would dearly love to have this little dog as I am a bit disabled and he would be the perfect baby for me Carolyn

  3. Terriers are soooo cute, but we heard on a national dog show - - if you want a dog who comes when you call - - don't get a terrier!
    As owners of 2 we can attest to that. Toby (fox terrier) minds, Maggie (Westie) is a female, head strong and going after whatever moves. Stan caught her going toward a coyote one morning! He is so fearful that she will be coyote food - - but we love them so. Chickens?? What a thrill!! You know there is a difference in raising girls and boys?? Same with dogs - -
    Good luck - - such a cutie!


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