Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Classes!

Spring is here..I just know it.  (I keep telling myself this).

One sure sign, my teaching for the local community college is done and now classes are beginning again here on my farm.  If you have ever wanted to learn everything you need to know to start making soap, join me on March 13th at 1:00 in the afternoon. You'll learn how to make beautiful, yummy smelling soap


Although I believe that  my online course is very good, when you take a class in person you get to touch, smell, and taste (the lovely herbal snacks between batches of soap!).  When you can watch it being done and be involved in the process, you go home confident that you can do this too!

Essential oil blending!

Although you work hard...you also have way to much fun!

There's a party going on!

I hope you'll think about joining me on the 13th .  Please email me for more information!

THEN...on March 20th, I'll be teaching my Medicinal Herb Class.  You will study 10 herbs with me and learn to make every form of herbal medicine from teas to tinctures, salves to capsules...we do it all!  Interspersed again with some lovely herbal snacks.  You will go home with a salve, a syrup and a tincture to start your own herbal medicine kit and most importantly you'll have the knowledge to care for you and your family using the herbs your grow yourself!  Please email me if you'd like to attend - sure hope to see you here!

The one question I hear most from my students is "do you have any other classes?" (Told you they were way to fun!) I've had many wonderful suggestions from students - things y'all say you wanted to learn.  I've listened and taken notes and I am working on a whole host of classes from menu-planning  (bring your recipes and learn my secrets to an inexpensive home-cooked meal on the table each night) to making jams, canning, baking from scratch, cooking ahead and more!.  I hope to be offering some of these by summer!

Need more information? Write to me at tnfarmgirl (at) comcast (dot) net.

Hope to see you here!


  1. this is exciting!!! I am still writing the paper and will be referencing your blog as well :)

  2. Ah! Sounds like SO much fun! We just HAVE to come this year!

  3. Amanda,
    Wow....glad it helped you!
    I'm so impressed with what a hard worker you are - what a woman!

    YEAH!!! I sure hope so :)

  4. Cheri,
    Tell Andrea Cheri that i would love to meet her!!!! What fun... a farm class, meeting a new friend, and fellowshiping and learning from you!
    grace and peace,

  5. Every time you list classes I pull up the map and try to find a way. Now you're going to offer even more? I'm just going to have to move closer.


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