Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fun and Fellowship!

What a wonderful weekend!  We just LOVE this family!  How often can you say that you had 11 houseguests and when they left there was literally no mess to clean up?  What a great job these parents have done with their children!  The older young ladies have quiet, sweet and gentle spirits and are continually helping, teaching and exhorting their younger siblings with grace and love.  The younger young ladies are well mannered, obedient and a delight to be with.  The young men in this family are polite, well mannered and obedient.  The entire weekend was a delight!

We shared Shabbat on Friday night and indulged in wonderful food.

They brought carribean jerk chicken - oh my goodness can these ladies cook!  I made the Challah bread for dinner.

Shofars were blown, prayers and blessings said and I had such a good time that I neglected to take pictures!

We hadn't seen each other for several years so we spent time catching up and enjoying each other.

The next day the weather was lovely so we spent the afternoon outside.  I had a tree full of children!

I think at one time there were 5 boys in this tree.  The boys romped all over the farm and I know that my boys had a wonderful time.

Elijah had three playmates for the weekend all close to his age 
and he delighted in each and every one of them,

Babies!  I so enjoyed the twins...what a delight! My boys have always wanted little sisters and certainly enjoyed these little ones this weekend!

We enjoyed the weather on Saturday and had a picnic outside.

This family is much further along in their study of Torah and we took full advantage...pumping them with questions.  I think Jeremy asked as many or more than I did.

We spent quite a bit of time sharing from a stack of books, learning, researching and sharing resources!

Josiah brought out Dusty so that the little ones could have a ride with him!

And the older children took turns on their own...

What a wonderful time we had!

We have more company coming next weekend!  My brother and niece will be in to share Resurrection Day with us and this wonderful family will be stopping back by on their way home.  We hope they end up staying a few days with us once more.

In the mean time, I am working on taxes, fighting a sinus infection and teaching school.  I'm making a lot of soap in preparation for some upcoming festivals.  I've been working on lip balms and salve along with some new teas.

I have some classes scheduled so stay tuned for dates in my next post!



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