Thursday, March 11, 2010

Worms, Puppy dog tails and little boys no more...

It's official...I have no more "babies" left at home.  My youngest one just turned 12 and he is oh. so. grown-up.  He has become such a terrific young man. I've seen a great change in the last couple of months in Elijah and really in all of my boys.  They are involved in what I like to call a "man class".  There is a wonderful series called "Equipping Godly Men" by Norm Wakefield.  If you have boys, get this!  Almost every man in our church is attending this class and many along with their sons.  It is exciting to see the men in leadership attend - no one thinks they are "there" yet!

For Elijah  and his brothers it has been a gift from heaven.  They are spending hours with godly men, much time in discussion at each class and then a good 45 minutes in fellowship after class with men that are taking them under their wing, loving them and guiding them in the steps they need to take to grow into a godly man.

At a brand new "twelve", he is well on his way.  We had a small family party this year with a huge "air soft war" planned when it quits snowing and raining.  I'd like dry ground so it doesn't become a mud bath!  Elijah received some very special presents...

Woven love!

A scarf that Josiah knit for him...beautiful, warm, and 100% cotton!

Killer Bunnies

Another expansion pack for one of his favorite games, Killer Bunnies.  Evidently this was a special pack and the boys are all excited to play.  I'm looking forward to seeing what's in it.  Killer Bunnies is one of my favorite games also and the boys and I play it often in the evenings when school and work are done for the day.

Then, I unexpectedly found something I've been wanting to give Elijah for a LONG time.  Elijah has always wanted one.  We gave him one but it left home and went to live with my mama.  We don't know why. He had wanted a particular kind but they were SO expensive that I couldn't do it.  Recently he mentioned to me that he didn't want that kind anymore.  He just wanted something small.

So...I heard from a friend...who had a friend...who had a mutt...who had a litter...and she couldn't find mama and I took off to have a secret look and fell in love....even mama took one home....and was this little girl able to make a young man smile....

Meet Miss Poppins...lovingly known as Poppy!

Poppy and Elijah!

She's a tiny little thing - she will be about 7 lbs. when grown - the perfect size to snuggle up to while reading.  She has all of her shots and probably won't eat a bag of dog food in a year!  She bonded instantly with Elijah...I've never seen anything like it.  She tolerates us likes the rest of us but she adores Elijah and whines when he leaves the room.  If I can survive the housebreaking/puppy chewing portion, I think I'll be glad I did this. She is part yorkshire terrier, part poodle and part maltese.  What a mix!

Elijah also received one other thing...maybe I should say some other thingS.  About 500 of them!

People...prepare yourselves...there are worms in my living a worm bin.  I. kid. you. not.

Tomorrow, I will share a tutorial on making a worm bin.  With pictures...ugh!  If you told me 10 years ago that I would allow a son of mine to keep worms in my living room - even for a day...I'd have laughed...a lot.



  1. Poppy is SO STINKIN' CUTE! Oh my goodness... how adorable. What a face!

    I was laughing out loud when I read the name of Elijah's favorite game - Killer Bunnies?!?! Looking forward to seeing what that's all about at the next tacky party. :o)

    Good luck with the worms! You're a good mother... :o)

    Happy (belated) birthday to Elijah!

  2. I too have "worms" in my house -- just in the winter -- in the summer they live in the garage. I am assuming that you guys are vermicompositing now? I love it -- as my one bin has grown to three, I collect "food" from friends and family...I often come home to find jars of food on my step! My plants love the rich compost. I can't believe how easy it is!

  3. Oh my - how Elijah has changed - how did it happen so quickly??
    And Poppy - who could not love that cutie? So little, and so adorable! Happy, happy belated birthday Elijah - I want to come meet Poppy. I think Elijah and I must be kindred hearts - I wanted to raise worms some years back, but at that time you raised them in the droppings under rabbit cages - - never got around to that. Oh well.
    Need more soap soon - - keep giving it as gifts - and telling the recipients how they can get more. Even sent link about soap making class to friends.
    Happy, happy spring - -
    Love you guys -

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  5. Would you know if there are any puppies left? I am in dire need of a 'baby'. Also, are you the one I inquired to about your son't jewelry making supplies? If so, please contact me.


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