Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Drummer Boy

Last week was very exciting!  Jeremy was asked by our good friends to play with them at a local restaurant!  

Ella really is a fabulous cook.  Years ago, when she had a smaller eatery, I was her "lettuce lady" and "herb lady".  I sold to her each week some of what I was growing in the garden.  Her new restaurant focuses on delicious food as fresh as you can get it and great music.

We arrived at Ella's around 7:00 pm.  In fact, it looked like a lot of our church body arrived around 7:00 pm!  There were only a couple of parking spaces left and once inside we found very few open tables - so glad we had reserved ours!

Our entire family was there including all my boys, Grandma and my "sister" Pam!  The band was already there - they set up during the afternoon and went through all the stuff a band goes through getting ready to play.  

We had a table right down front - better for pictures you know!

Music started at 7:30 pm and except for a couple of short breaks to wet their whistles, they played until 9:30.  We listened to worship music (in a public restaurant!) patriotic music, folk music and even an Irish tune.  They appeared to be wildly popular with the crowd!  Especially when they played Dixie!

Jeremy was a bit nervous before hand but ended up having a wonderful time.  They all did a great job!
What wonderful memories these young people will have...and what a blessing it was for all of us to spend the evening with them!  

You can listen to some samples of their music or pick up a copy of their CD here!



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