Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome to my new home!

Welcome friends!  Come on in, look around and make yourself at home.  Check out the new pictures, enjoy the flowers!

Didn't she do a wonderful job?  Feel like re-decorating yourself?  You'll find my fabulous decorator right at a time fighting!  Her rates are so reasonable and she is a delight to work with!

Hope you like my new place....I just love it!

I wonder if she does kitchens.....



  1. I love it!! It suits you so well.

  2. I LOVE your new 'home' Cheri! I hope all is well!

    Kathy from Asheville

  3. It's beautiful! I LOVE the header - she did a nice job!

  4. Looks great! I love this green. :-)

  5. Your new home is absolutely lovely! And so is the soap I received in the mail today. The aroma is divine, and the lather is unbelievable! Thanks a bunch!

  6. I like the new look of your blog. It is fresh and uplifting. How nice to visit here from time to time and find such encouraging articles. I took your herbal course earlier this year and it really opened my eyes to the uses of the plants around us. Thank you for putting it together!



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