Monday, July 19, 2010

And the two shall become one...

My son is bringing me a daughter this fall! What an exciting time this is for me as I watch my son begin a family of his own.

But, I'm not just getting a new daughter...we are adding five wonderful new people to our family this fall.  Last weekend we got to meet the people we will be family with until the Lord returns!

Amanda has a wonderful mama and dad, a beautiful sister and a younger and much taller brother! Our families spent time sharing photos of our children growing up, eating a fabulous meal cooked by our kids, telling tales about the happy couple and getting to know each other all weekend!  The time went by way to fast!

My mother and I held a Pampered Chef shower for Amanda Sunday afternoon and many of our friends came to fellowship and bless the happy couple. It was wonderful because her mama and sister were here to attend as well.  My dear friend, Pam, made one of the most awesome cakes I've ever seen or tasted - the woman needs to open a bakery.

The bride to be...and she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

My mother cooked her heart out - I hope that when I am 84 I can do as much as my mama - she runs circles around me now!

I've been praying for my sons' wives since my boys were babies.  It is exciting now to see my Father answer those prayers.  It is amazing to see how much they are suited to each well they fit each other's personalities....both Amanda's mother and I have no doubt that our Father has orchestrated this and that they were created for each other. How blessed we are!

Our families are looking forward to spending more time together both before and after the wedding as we get to know each other and truly become "family" together!

Oh....and I can't wait to see my baby in a kilt!!


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