Monday, August 16, 2010

Just one more note....

Just one more note about recipe tabs....

Several of you expressed interest in what tabs I used in my own books.  Just thought I'd share that as I created this tutorial, I realized that some of my categories needed to be subdivided.  They were much to varied, making it hard to locate what I needed.  I will be adding the following categories to my books:

Muffins & Scones - I do a lot of muffins for breakfast and during fall and winter.

Brownies & Bars - bar desserts are quick, easy and my boys love them!

Holidays - for those special things I cook only during the holiday seasons!

Candy - my recipes for homemade caramels, tootsie rolls, peanut butter cups, fudge and more! 

Herb & Spice Mixes - for all those seasoning mixes I concoct from my herb garden!

Cobblers & Crisps - because we love fruit based deserts so much..I collect a lot of these!

Biscuits & Rolls - a mainstay of our evening meals!

This will require me to add an additional book to my shelf but that's okay...this system is designed to grow with you over the years.  Just remember to re-order your tabs and re-label the spines of your books so you know which book to grab!


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