Friday, August 13, 2010

Organizing Recipes (Part 3) - A tutorial

Organizing Recipes Part One
Organizing Recipes Part Two

Today we begin putting our recipes in our books!  Select one of your piles.  You will be doing one category at a time - I'll be working on soups along with you.

You are going to take your recipes and place them into sheet protectors.   There are a variety of ways to do this as you will see.  These protectors will help keep your recipe safe from splatters as you cook and they wipe clean easily! You will only be working with the recipes that you know and love.  Leave the ones you haven't tried in the pile.

You can place recipes that are printed out on regular paper easily into a sheet protector...

Then flip it over and put another on the other side...

You can save family recipes - this way you keep those recipes handwritten by your great-grandma!

You can always place another recipe on the other side - I'll do that when I have another one to add!

Recipes from the newspaper are easy....

Remember to use the other side for another recipe!  As you see, sometimes you will turn a recipe on its side.  It doesn't matter as long as it fits in your sheet protector!  Even napkins can be stored this way!

I love Taste of Home magazine!  The Taste of Home magazines that are filled with recipe cards are some of my favorites.  When I punch them out, I can get 6 to a sleeve!

You just flip the page over to get the instructions on the back of the card.  I do handwritten recipe cards this way also.  I put a small piece of tape on the edges of these cards to hold them in place.  This keeps them from slipping over each other in the sheet protector.

If there is a recipe in a book that I use ALL the time, I will copy it and put in in my book.  This keeps everything that I use regularly at the tip of my fingers.  I took a recipe for Taco Soup from a Paula Deen cookbook, changed it a bit, tweaked it a bit more and made it my own!

If we ever had a fire, I would grab these on my way out of the door!  As each of my sons gets married, I will be making a book for them filled with their favorite family recipes. This will be an easy task since everything I need will be in one of my books.  A short time at the copier, a few supplies and you will be able to create a lovely gift!

As you get one category finished, place them in your book under a divider.  Be sure to insert a label in the tab on the divider and place a bit of tape on each end of the tab so your label doesn't fall out.

Continue doing this with each category until you have all of your recipes in sheet protectors and filed into your books under the proper dividers.

I'll give you a few days to get this done, then there will be one last post to show you how to make these books work for you.  Remember, there is a purpose to these pocket dividers!

Happy filing!


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