Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall babies!

I was cutting my boys hair late yesterday afternoon.  I've saved thousands of dollars over the last 28 years cutting my boys hair.  It isn't hard - I've never had a lesson.  It only takes a good pair of scissors and some common sense.  I encourage you to try it. Start when they're young and don't care if it doesn't come out "just right". You'll be a pro by the time it matters to them :)

During the haircuts, our two jersey cows came up to watch.  I took a break  between boys because I had been wanting a closer view of the girls to see if they might be pregnant.  This way I didn't have to hike across fields to check them.

Lizzie is as wide as the barn!  She isn't "bagging up" (udder filling with milk) yet but she's huge!  Nora is big but not quite as big.  However, Nora is a bigger cow so she doesn't show the same.  Josiah jumped the fence and pressed on her "tummy" while I gave her a good scratch.  Josiah is pretty sure he felt something rolling about - let's hope it wasn't an upset tummy.  Nora is getting on in years and I'd love to have a little girl out of her.  These babies will be half Angus and half Jersey.  If we get girls out of them, we will breed them to an Angus bull in a couple of years.  This will put Josiah a little closer to his dream of an Angus herd.

I'll be excited to have milk, butter and cheese again.  The price of butter is going through the roof - not sure why but it's getting awfully expensive.  I'll be glad to churn our own again.  If we end up milking two cows, I'll have to set aside a dairy day!

I'm excited at the thought of fall babies!

And my dreams are filled with cream....cheese...cream cheese...sour cream....

Giving Him thanks for such a wonderful provision!



  1. My mom always cut our hair growing up and I've done the same for myself and my husband since we've gotten married! It's been a good 2 and a half years since either of us set food in a barber's shop. Already an easy savings of $500 or so!

    And yes, I've also noticed the ridiculous price of butter lately...not sure what's going on!

  2. Philip and I have been cutting each other's hair since college. We dreamed of the day we'd have kids and could make it a family event. Now we have "family haircut night" with our two kids! It's so fun!

  3. I cut Jim and the boys' hair, but still have lots to learn. I long for the days when all I had to do was take out the clippers and give them a buzz!

    And I thought I was busy when our ONE Jersey cow was in milk -- and you will be dealing with milk from TWO COWS??


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