Monday, November 1, 2010

His Endless Gifts

 We worship Him with our gratitude for His endless gifts...

#191 to #215

the beauty of frost at dawn

dew covered spider webs strung like pearls on barbed wire fences

peanuts fresh from the ground

abundant harvests

the last summer tomato

frost painted pictures on window panes

a warm vehicle

the freedom to vote

library books

bags of gifted clothing

eye glasses


His unfailing mercy

warm sweaters

bagels early in the morning

adoring dogs

affectionate sons

steaming mugs of hot cocoa



Won’t you join me….journal His gifts….your faith and gratitude will grow, your trust will increase and life becomes an exciting adventure as you anticipate what your Father will do next….He is your source...He never fails....never forsakes......

He keeps me...breathless.....

holy experience


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