Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pumpkin Pie?

Mondays are my soap days.  I set the boys up with their lessons for the day and then get busy in the kitchen making soap.  Elijah usually does his school work close by so that I can answer any questions.

This past Monday I really wanted to make something  with a spicy fall tone...something with cinnamon.  I decided to make a "pumpkin pie" soap.  It took a bit of work - figuring out the specific gravity of pumpkin, how it displaced water and doing some math to divide the specific gravity of pumpkin and the specific gravity of water...

I knew that there was a good chance it could seize in the pan but I was willing to chance it - having everything ready just in case:)  I had no idea what the color would be like but wanted to try. (Using food in a recipe can result in some pretty quirky colors!)

This soap looks like pumpkin pie, smells like pumpkin even cut like pumpkin pie AND it's all natural too (the most important thing!).  I had to keep reminding myself I couldn't taste it ....and I'm not that crazy about pumpkin pie!

It did try to seize in the pot but I was able to beat it out of that seize and the color turned out an amazing pumpkin pie color - wow!

I wish I could make these pictures "scratch & sniff". know what that means...I need a name!  I can always fall back on Pumpkin Pie but am hoping you, dear readers, can be more creative than I can.

Check in tomorrow to find our how to participate in the new Soap Naming Contest and what you will win if your name is chosen!



  1. Cheri, a beautiful soap. You know me, a dozen funny/clever names come to mind. I won't waste comment space sharing them.

    You need something that will grab attention in a classy way. Definitely a soap with manly appeal. I hope your readers help you find just the right name.

    Congratulations on another gorgeous creation!


  2. Pumpkin n Spice

    ~Sherry W:)

  3. Faith,
    Come on...give up some of those funny/clever names!

    I like that!


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