Thursday, November 18, 2010

She lied!

Yes she did!  She stood right up on that stage and told me that her products were made only with natural ingredients that I'd find in my kitchen.  I believed her..well..   *ahem*    sort of...

I had to check for myself, I mean she was a perfect stranger and I'd never even heard of her!  Make me feel better and tell me you'd check too.

I finally remembered to do that - I went to the frozen foods section, found bread and breakfast items and began reading labels. (Have you ever looked  at the stuff in the frozen food section -!) This was fascinating...and horrifying...and fascinating...and horrifying.

I left right before management arrived to investigate the woman and young child reading boxes and bags and tossing them back into the freezers while exclaiming - "yuck!" to the amazement of other shoppers.

I disavow any knowledge of those people.

I don't know about you but I don't use soybean oil (ack!) and I certainly don't use cottonseed oil  even though they are considered natural.  However, I don't think I've ever added mono and diglycerides or nitrates to my home-cooked meals.  I suppose, if you stretched it, the mono and diglycerides might be considered natural - I mean they started as fats right?  But nitrates???

She was a very nice lady and she certainly loved Jesus and I liked her.  I felt like we could sit down over a cup of tea (I'll bring the baked goodies thank you!) and have a great time. However, her idea of natural and my idea of natural are a wee bit different.

I'm just saying.

A friend just loaned me her cookbook - I hope the recipes are made with things in my pantry.  I'll keep you informed - perhaps I'll do a book review - they take awhile because I have to actually make the things in the book to know if its a good book.  Let's face it, all the pretty glossy pictures don't mean a thing - it's the taste that counts.

Her products are probably one of the most natural compared to the other labels I read. I had never read frozen bread labels before - it was the stuff of horror stories! Once I started it was hard to stop.  People are actually eating this stuff - I wonder if they know?

Next week I might get brave enough to  peek at these "meals in a box - just add water".  Once I've recovered that is - I can only handle so much information without nightmares.



  1. Love it! The adventures of the grocery store where a highlight of my grad school experience in the US. I had no idea that our groceries stores were that different (I grew up ~150 km from the border and was taught that our countries were the "same"). I remember asking where the mandarin oranges were one Christmas and they told me aisle 6 -- I was so confused as it was a canned food aisle! Cheese made from oil? Why did the yogurt taste like pudding? Why did the chicken taste like fish? Why did the eggs taste so funny. The bread...looked like bread but tasted like cardboard. Luckily I found local sources for most of my staples and had the skills to make my own breads, yogurts, etc!

  2. You totally cracked me up on this one. You are right...ain't nothin better than HOMEMADE dinner rolls, made from freshly ground wheat and slathered in freshly made butter. (did you ever get that butter btw?) I have occasionally perused the very scary frozen food aisles for bread dough. It just ain't worth it. :-P


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