Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home Invasion!

From elegant to tacky - look what turned up at my house...

It took me a minute to realize that each half of this young lady looked different!
A friend and defender of animals!

Everytime this young lady blinked her eyes flashed pink!

This young man had an entire tube of glitter in his hair!

The man with the tattoo!

Although these people were a bit scary...I wasn't too worried because the cops were there keeping an eye on things..

 was our annual Tacky Party!  We packed our little farmhouse full of dear friends all dressed to the nines...tacky style!

We give an award each year for the most creative costume...this young lady won it for creating a costume out of a trash bag, duct tape and aluminum foil!  How she managed to look beautiful and elegant while dressed like this deserves another award!

We had a lovely white elephant exchange...this young lady is delighted at her gift...a seal for a toilet...of unusual size...very tiny!

We played lots of games..

I hear that this young man cleaned everyone out at poker!  The things a mother learns from friends.....

The food was wonderful, the fellowship amazing!  Each of these people are a tremendous blessing in our lives.

We love them all!


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