Friday, December 24, 2010

My mama is the Energizer Bunny!

Wow...what a whirlwind these last couple of days have been.  We ended up in the ER Monday night because my mama kept "trying" to faint, had a hard time catching her breath and felt great pressure in her chest.

We weren't there long before she was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. Big words...scary diagnosis. She went through a lot of testing that night and the next day - multiple EKGs, CT scan, x-rays, blood work (does she have any left for herself?), ultrasounds and many monitors.  The cardiologist determined that a pacemaker was necessary.

What a shock for my poor mama who has never had a heart problem.  Mama turned 84 last Friday, takes no medicine and is very healthy! However, she confessed on the way to the hospital, that she's been having little "episodes" for about 3 weeks. What a merciful Father who protected her and cared for her during these warning signs. What grace that I was home and could run quick after her phone call asking for help. How providential that dear friends were there for dinner and able to stay, eat dinner and visit with two of my boys while my other son and I raced for the hospital. How proud I am that my boys could finish and serve a meal under those circumstances!  How I praised Him for a near empty ER! How grateful I was to have a wonderful doctor in the ER who had treated one of my sons last summer! We worship Him with gratitude as His hand was evident in all things - His protection, His grace, His love, His peace.

How blessed we are to be involved with such a  To never feel be loved, supported, prayed for....what blessings. They stayed with me during her surgery and visited often. I received great experience in texting during this time - something I don't do much of normally.

She had one short episode just before being released yesterday which ended up keeping her in the hospital a bit longer.  It will take some time for her meds to be adjusted so that they will work in concert with her pacemaker to keep her heart beating properly.  The next few weeks are filled with doctor appointments to make sure all is working properly.

This was quite scary for my youngest...Grandma has either lived with us or next to us his entire life. Doodle spent a lot of time with me at the hospital making sure Grandma was ok.  When the boys learned that this should make her feel much better and even give her more energy.....when they learned about pacemakers and how they work....when they heard that the battery life is 8 to 10 years for her pacemaker....the boys nicknamed her their energizer bunny!

We are looking for a new normal now.  We will be making some changes to better care for my mom.  We are also looking forward to this next week of family time. My first Christmas with a married son and new daughter-in-law! Lots of cooking, eating, visiting and games to be played!

The forecast is for a white Christmas here.  That's quite unusual!  We've had a lot of snow already...also unusual!  I can't imagine what February will be like.

I thank you for your prayers and emails.  What wonderful friends I've made that I'll probably never meet this side of heaven.  May you be blessed by Him who is the giver of all good things!

May all of your holidays be blessed and filled with family, friends, peace and joy!

My prayer is that each of you personally know the Messiah who was born crucified for you.


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  1. Oh honey !! I'm so sorry.. Y'all are in my prayers ..

    And a very Merry Christmas to your family!
    And to your Mama too!!


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