Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing with soap!

I've been playing with soap lately!

I've been trying for some time to find a way to color my Double Mint soap with green but I wanted to do it naturally.  Finally...success!

Here is a "log" of soap in my cutter - isn't she beautiful?  I'm very happy with the results!

I love cutting soap - each bar is a unique is a picture of the Double Mint after cutting.

I think next time, I will go for a lighter shade of green but right now I'm just thrilled that it didn't turn a funky color.  Soap can be like that - sometimes you just don't know what you'll get!

I also felt like creating something "comforting".  So, with my homemade cinnamon rolls in mind, I threw together an extra moisturizing soap and used cinnamon and orange essential oils with a cinnamon swirl.  It turned out even better than I imagined and the smell is wonderful!

Here's a stack of the soap...

And here's a picture of the bars after cutting...

Can't you just taste the home made buttercream icing with cinnamon swirls in a warm sweet dough?
I think I hear Stevie Wonder singing..."isn't she lovely?..."

And last, I've made an unscented facial bar for oily skin...I love the results!

I'm having a lot of fun and you can be looking for some new soap naming contests soon!

Next post, I'll give you the list of our favorite Christmas books that y'all have been asking the meantime we're headed out to sled and enjoy the snow before it all disappears!


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