Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Catching up

Rain!  Glorious rain fell here yesterday.  Do you know the best thing about rain?  It melts snow and ice.  It's sort of like that game rock, scissors, paper...remember that? Rain beats snow and ice!  My driveway is clear for the first time in a month and my car still starts!  We won't talk about the snow prediciton for Friday.

My landline phone works again - well it never really stopped working - I mean you could get a dial tone...if you listened very carefully you could hear the dial tone through the horrendous hum and static.  Snowed in and no phone - those days were so comforting! Let's not do that again soon.

My internet connection comes and goes - so does our email.  Our modem went too...died...right as I was trying to upload a new soap to my website.  Frustration level - 10+!  They are "working on it".  I can just imagine them out there in the trenches, in the rain, sleet and snow diligently searching for and finding the problem and fixing it.....I so believe that is happening.....if I put on red shoes and tap my heels three times will it make it all come true?

Because I haven't had an internet connection last long enough to change it, my Soap Making Made Simple e-book and my Herbal Medicine Made Simple e-book are still on sale.  Fair warning though - as soon as I get 5 minutes of internet access in a row the sale is coming down. Better get them while you can.

I need some help naming some new soaps.  I guess I'll do some short posts for each contest because my internet connection is so reliable....


 Keep is all in the hands of Comcast!

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  1. This made me laugh! I feel the same way about snow and ice.....and we play rock, paper, scissors regularly around here.


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