Monday, January 3, 2011

His Endless Gifts

This new year we desire more of Him in our lives on a daily basis.  Each decision, each action...for each of us....directed by Him.  We desire to worship Him, to sing praises in the good times and to sing hallelujah...the hard difficult times.  We want to see Him in the big things and the small things...we don't want to miss Him..... so we worship Him with gratitude each day as our eyes are opened to Him being present all the everything...

#391 to #410

mama feeling better every day

miraculous provisions from strangers

every need met

the joy of giving

new beginnings

family time

amazing food

game nights....and days

surprise boxes from overseas

books filled with wisdom

German chocolate...yummy

new understandings

old friends

the ability to make changes....we all have this!

amazing gifts from friends

the joy of serving others

plans for an exciting new year

good news about friends

sons worshipping together

country life

Won't you join me as I worship the King with gratitude...your life will change and perhaps you will find, as I do, that He is your source, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless....

holy experience

Seeing Him everywhere!

1 comment:

  1. Found you through holy experience.
    Beautiful words.
    Inspiring thoughts.
    Thank you.


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