Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

It's so good to be home!  Not that I was that far away - just next door at my mama's house.  We settled in after her surgery, made it through the week and visited all of the doctors that are part of her routine now.  She's got a few more tests to do just making sure her medication is regulated properly and then she is off and flying!

She got to loose her sling (used to keep her left arm immobile while the implant settled into place), no longer has to have me there 24/7, is allowed to drive again and life is pretty much back to normal for her.  Just.  Amazing.

Although the holidays were not what we anticipated, we are grateful for the wonderful family time with ALL of us there that we have enjoyed...slowing.... just to be with each other has been wonderful!

We are getting back to normal ourselves...schooling, Torah study, cooking, cleaning, laundry and church activities.  It feels good to get back into the least we are working on getting back into the routine!

We've done some very different things over the holidays that I am excited to share with you...such a blessing!

Just a reminder that  my e-books Soapmaking Made Simple and Herbal Medicine Made Simple are still on sale for a short bit. I'm looking forward to working with those of you who have purchased already!

The boys and I are making some short and long range goals for the year.  I think this year might be a "wild ride" for my little family and we are trying to get prepared!

Tonight, we are in the midst of another snow's beautiful....huge lazy feather-flakes slowly drifting down from the heavens...blanketing our farm...covering us with the amazing quiet that only comes with snow!

Praying that y'all are tucked in quietly with family.



  1. I hope people take you up on your ebooks, they're fabulous! We can't wait until spring when the weather and budget are conducive to planting so we can put your wisdom to work! :)

  2. It *is* going to be a big year...Mr. V has offered his help to Jeremy, Josiah & Doodle if they should want it.


    So glad life for Mom is settling back down. He really is good to us.


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