Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow People

We love snow.  We are, as this lady would say, snow people.  When I tell the boys the weather forecast is for snow flurries, they haul the sleds out of the equipment shed to the sledding hill  "just in case", they take the weed eater out and whack down anything that has had the nerve to grow in cold weather on their sledding hill and they begin asking if I'll whip up some of my home made hot chocolate.

When enough snow does come to Tennessee for sledding (about once a year), we wear ourselves out going down and coming up the hill.  We sled until we're soaked.  We turn the streetlight on and sled at night.  We build a bonfire in the yard, warm up and keep going.  We make snow angels, snowmen and snow ice cream. We are card carrying snow people of Tennessee.

The beauty of living here in Tennessee is that snow comes down a lot but it doesn't lay. I get to enjoy the beauty but don't have to drive in it - until now.  Usually any snow is gone within a day - two at the most. We have had more snow in the last month than we have had in almost 10 years combined. However, the rules of Tennessee snow have been violated. The contract has been broken and not by us - we were perfectly happy!

We have had 4 to 5 inches fall at one time - and before it could even begin to melt here comes another 2...or 3...or an ice storm.  This is the south people!

When I tell the boys that more snow is predicted, I am now greeted with moans instead of whoops of joy.  Our church meetings have been canceled, our home groups have been canceled. We are done with snow. I must remind you that we are not Colorado snow people, or North Dakota snow people - we are Tennessee snow people and that is a completely different critter. The scary part is that February is the month that gets the most snow here. Where can we turn in our cards?

Our house sits at the bottom of a small incline.  Therefore, when the deluge of snow begins to melt it all runs down toward me and then freezes at night.  This is how we ended up with 2 inches of ice covered by 6 inches of snow on our driveway.  I drive a minivan - no 4 wheel drive.  It doesn't do snow very well - much less ice.

Even though we haven't had snow in days - my gravel driveway still looks like the sunshine!

Our friends with 4-wheel drive can handle it as long as they don't get too close to the sheet of ice on the concrete portion of the driveway. My mailman can navigate it....Federal Express has no problems...UPS won't touch it...but UPS does not follow the creed of the USPS - if there is even a hint at flurries then UPS turns tail and rushes back to their warehouse.  They venture out again sometime in the spring. I know this.

My mama's house sits at the top of the hill - her snow is melting and becoming my ice.  How nice of her to share.  The snow is now melting on the concrete part of my driveway but that is not good news my friends...why you ask?  Because it only reveals the ice beneath.  I've been able to walk to my mailbox and my mama's house because I walk on the snow - doing that now would look like something akin to hopscotch as I kept to the snow and avoided the icy patches.

Waterers in the field have required more work - no longer are we cracking a thin layer of ice on the tops...the boys are encountering icebergs...

This is what our hands look like after chores...well...maybe not...but this is how they feel after chores

My plan to foil the weather - stay inside and get caught up on lots of computer work...not.  Evidently this storm caused lots of problems for Comcast - which doesn't work great when the sun is shining.  We have all had email problems...well....more than normal email problems and lack of service problems which has prevented a lot of online time....except in the wee hours in the morning and I'm just not that dedicated. Anyone have the number for Verizon?

So I have opted for the fun cleaning out closets, painting, organizing...I'm just giddy with joy!

Good thing mama lives at the top of the hill, we have been able to ride with her to town for provisions or we might have all starved to death...ok...maybe that is an exaggeration...maybe. 

Mama has 4 wheel drive.  I love 4 wheel drive!

The pink snow has been wonderful - when the sunset looks like this all of the snow glows pink - it's like living in farm fairyland.  It's almost enough to make me like the sno......never mind.



  1. Oh Cheri I just about fell out of my computer chair laughing and imagining the happenings around your place. I remember the incline you live on and the big slab of concrete at your house and can see how it would become a big piece of ice. Hey, have you tried ice skating??? Just a thought ;-) I am glad you can take a gloomy situation and find some humor in it all! Hopefully the weather will make a warm change and decide that Tennessee has had its fair share of snow for this season!! Hugs to you and the boys. Thanks for making me laugh!Pam

  2. Cheri, I enjoyed the post. Of course, I'm in west TX where we have only had one ( yes that's inch of precipitation since the third week of September. All the snow you have had has gone around us this year. Enjoy! We could use any of the snow that you are not wanting!! Send it our way.


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