Monday, February 7, 2011

His Endless Gifts

I never expected this to happen...

But I am already seeing so much to be thankful for! Learning to be grateful (even for the hard things) and coming to the understanding that He has plans for me...plans for good and not for evil...and that He has allowed all things that do come to me....this has changed my outlook on life in so many ways.

Applying this concept when the nasty, hard, unfair stuff happens isn't easy...but if I can remind myself that there is a purpose in all of it....that somehow this is going to benefit me and bring glory to actually makes all of the hard times easier to bear!

So I sing the hard hallelujah for.....

#411 to #446

a broken bone - I was told that a torn ligament would have taken longer to heal...much longer!



chairs on wheels - makes moving around so easy

arnica montana and the salve I make with it

swelling going down!

comfrey - it helps to mend broken bones!

crutches - they go where wheels can't go

boot that hold bones firm

doctors who care

people who pray

more time with Him

friends in far countries who call just to chat!

pockets of air that keep feet from moving

children who have become care givers

friends who call and pray

my church family - truly family to me

catching up on sitting-down projects

medicine that eases pain

mama having no a-fib moments for over a month!

sons that can drive

amazing gifts that arrive in the mail

meals cooked by mama

my pink chaise - always loved but now so necessary....and comfortable!

children who pray

more time for Torah

that I don't have to miss church

my elders

ace bandages

parking for the disabled 

milk thistle helping the liver survive the medicines


round bales of hay brought by a friend

men at church willing to give counsel on big decisions

sons with tender hearts

Won't you join me as I worship the King with gratitude...your life will change and perhaps you will find, as I do, that He is your source, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless....


  1. I wrote a comment and my computer turned off so I am not sure if it posted :( Anyhow, I wrote that I was hoping you feel better. I found your blog through the Holy Experience link. I love it that you use natural remedies to help you in the healing process. Hope your foot gets better soon.

    Linen + Verbena

  2. I’m visiting from Ann’s today.

    Amen to the hard hallelujah,

    My faves from your list?

    people who pray

    my pink chaise - always loved but now so necessary....and comfortable! (Oh when the loved becomes the necessary – yay)

    God Bless you and yours and your gratitude journey.


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