Saturday, February 5, 2011

One small mis-step!

I wish I could tell you that my little mishap occurred while doing something really exciting...water-skiing in the islands, snow skiing-up north or even in the ballroom dancing class.  Alas, it is so completely boring!

I was coming down the stairs while talking to my tallest-at-home-son.  I stopped on the last step and we were talking and laughing.  When I went to step down..normally, slowly, gently.step down.... all of 4 inches...I evidently got my foot partially on the floor and partially on my son's small mis-step.  It rolled my ankle to the floor, I heard a pop, I fell and hit the ground.  It's funny...I can remember thinking on the way down, "that pop probably means this is a bad thing".  I also remember wondering why my son didn't catch me since we were standing toe-to-toe.  In his defense, he said he tried but I was moving in the wrong direction...he didn't expect me to go sideways!

Immediately I knew that my foot was rapidly swelling, I told the boys to get my sock and shoe off.  I was really worried about my shoe...ladies, I know you will understand.  I've been looking for a pair of comfortable shoes for a year.  I've been wearing the same pair of everyday shoes for 4 years now and they were worn out. Everything I looked at was either too expensive (do people really pay $60.00 for a pair of everyday shoes?), uncomfortable (I'm on my feet too much,  must. have. comfort. ) or they don't have backs on them (in the winter people? please!).

I found a pair of shoes recently - normally $30 which I just couldn't justify - on sale for half price!  And they were SO comfortable.  The thought of having to cut that shoe to get it off my foot was one of the first things I thought about!  The boys got them off quickly and then I called for my arnica salve.  I slathered my foot with it - it was one of the most painful things I've ever done but I knew it would reduce the swelling.

I don't remember getting in a chair but once there, all I could do was pray, cry and grit my teeth.  I've never had pain like that - I declared that birthing babies was easier - roll all of my birthing pains together and they were nothing to this.  I scared the boys and I scared the dog.  I have decided that I am a complete wimp. Each time I opened my eyes, my boys were praying for me, how comforting that was and how blessed I am!

My son really wanted to drive me to the E.R. I said no. All of my children' broken bones have occurred either at night or on weekends....wonderful timing those boys. Each time, the E.R. has x-rayed it, wrapped it, and sent them home with instructions use ice, elevate the limb and see an orthopedic doctor on they rung up a bill equivalent to buying a small used car.

My thoughts were that we could do all of that at home...except for the x-ray....truthfully did it matter if I knew it was broken before Monday? And I was pretty sure, from the amount of pain, and the sound of that "pop" (think little boy's cork gun) that I had broken it.

It took about 2 hours before I could move...I crawled up the stairs and into bed.  We used ice packs and ibuprofen all weekend and I went to see my doctor on Monday. Off for an x-ray and found out that  I had indeed broken my foot...well, not all of it...just the 5th metatarsal bone.  Which was enough. This break is in an area known for difficulty in healing...not a lot of circulation there.  It often requires surgery to insert a screw.  I'll be bold and ask for your prayers - for healing, for wisdom in finding a new normal for my family during this time and for this to be a productive time in His eyes.

Recovery time?  Weeks and weeks.  Several before I can even attempt to bear weight..hence the wheelchair.  Then several on crutches.  Oh. fun.  School will be easy to do...but cooking? cleaning? laundry? Oh. my.  Making soap? salve? teas?  I will begin begging for grace right now!

I'm using my healing salve several times a day because it has a lot of comfrey in it. I'll also be using comfrey poultices and drinking comfrey tea. A good friend suggested adding some milk thistle to my diet to help protect my liver from the ibuprofen I'm taking.  I'll be doing that also.

My boys have been wonderful caring for me.  Although it is frustrating not to be able to care for myself - I'm so blessed by their attitudes and aptitudes.  I'm so thankful for each one of them.

I believe all things come through my Father's hands.  And I know Him....he is the giver of good things, He knows the plans He has for me and they are plans for good and not evil.   I believe He is using this to slow me down a bit...spend more time with His word a little longer and a little deeper for this season.  There is so much to be grateful for in this situation!

He also gave me a great was one small mis-step that created this injury. But isn't that always how we end up injured...or injuring others?  We take one small mis-step from the path He has instructed us to walk...a wrong choice, a little lie, unwilling to forgive a hurt, a hurtful word blurted out without thinking...just a small mis-step and we begin moving in the wrong direction....Before you know it we have completely lost our way!  We can't hear His voice, find his path, know His will.  It's important to make course corrections in our lives...when we inadvertently mis-step...and we all do...if we can quickly get back on the right path, we can reach our goal....walking each day a little closer to Him and conforming ourselves to the image of His Son.

May we all keep on the paths He has set forth for us...



  1. Oh Cheri, I am so sorry. I wish I was closer. I would come and help you. I will pray for all the things you asked for and more.

  2. Praying for continued healing Cheri! I pray your healing will be quick and complete!

  3. Greetings from Kentucky,

    You and your dear young men are
    ever in our thoughts and prayers.

    The van Vegten Family


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