Monday, March 14, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

Healing is taking place and the pace of life is picking up just a bit. I am thankful for the amazing healing ability of our bodies. To see is to give thanks and worship. May He help me remember to slow and enjoy the quiet with Him.

Counting in the quiet...

#546 - #574

wheelchair ramps


my new mode of transportation

standing for worship

the warmth of my greenhouse as the winds howl outside

the smell of spring

flats of veggies planted

how our bodies were created to heal themselves

counsel of elders

a mountain to climb

lunch with friends

driving again


prepared for work

long distance friends

bloom @ incourage

videos - so we can all be together

strawberries growing

roses beginning to bud

the season of lent

songs of ascent

motherhood....what a gift!

daylight savings time

spring rains

shades of green everywhere I look

willow trees all dressed in green

bright yellow forsythia

a spring and summer filled with projects!

my aunt in colorado

May we count blessings together as we worship the King? He is your source, He is your healer, He is your provider...He never fails...He never forsakes....

He leaves me breathless.....


  1. Standing for worship!!! Yesterday as we stood in church, I watched as one in a wheelchair raised his hands with tears in his eyes, and I felt his longing to stand with us! And I thanked God that I COULD stand! So glad to hear of your progress and healing!!! The pictures were perfect!!!

  2. Your spring arrival is ahead of ours . . . so looking forward to repeating your words soon! :)


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