Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New winners...New Soaps!

If you've been following along, we had a little contest and now we have winners! Four of them to be exact!

Our first winner is Melanie for her suggestion of Tangerine!

Next up is Julie for her suggestion of a Chai Tea blend - cinnamon, cloves, ginger & vanilla... yummy! Keep it away from the twins :)

Becky is our third winner for her suggestion of plain chocolate - I have a chocolate-mint lip balm and a chocolate orange...but I never thought of plain chocolate - what a great idea!

Our fourth winner is Kikkert - for the suggestion of Almond Honey - this intrigues me.  I'm not sure if I can pull it off but I'm doing some research and I'll let you know. I think the whole sunscreen part requires non-natural ingredients but if y'all know of a "natural" (and I really do mean natural!) suncreen, let me know!

If each of you would contact me with your mailing address and which lip balm you'd like to have, I'll get those in the mail to you asap.  You can email me at the address listed under the Contact Us tab up above.

Thank you all for participating and for the wonderful suggestions - I'll be busy tomorrow afternoon putting together more lip balms and hope to have them online by the end of the week.

A few days ago, the boys and I spent some time making soap. Normally they aren't involved but they have been real troopers since my little fashion change....um....accident! Twice now we have made 4 or 5 batches in an afternoon - with all hands helping it only takes about 4 hours to make 5 batches of soap.  Wow! It would take me 8 to 10 hours working alone to accomplish the same thing.

We made 4 new soaps. The first one will be called Lavender Twist - a combination of Lavender and Grapefruit - yummy smell!  Not masculine or feminine - just a clean fresh scent!  It's an almost white bar - just lovely.

This next soap I'm really excited about.  I'm going to call it Bottoms Up! and it was created for babies and especially for baby bottoms that suffer from diaper rash!  I had a son get married last year so I am planning on lots of grandbabies (lots and lots and lots and lots...oops!....no pressure kids!). I wanted to create something especially for diapered bottoms.  This soap will also be very good for chapped skin, sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis!  It is close to a Castille and just jam-packed with healing herbs! I've given it just a touch of scent with a little Lavender essential oil. The hint of green color is simply from the herbs used in this soap. I can't wait to try it!

Are you into camping...hiking...outdoor activities?  My next new soap is for y'all!  I'm calling it Bug Off! It's a pretty creamy yellow in color - just from all the essential oils!  I've picked a combination of essential oils that repel mosquitos and other flying, stinging, biting insects (no more deer flies in the garden!).  My family will be ready for evening fireworks in July this year!  This soap will have twice the amount of essential oils that I normally use in my soaps - I just wanted to get a large variety of insect repelling scents in this soap.

My last soap will need some help with a name.  This is a facial bar good for combination skin.  The essential oils and fine oils used will help moisturize the dry places and take care of that pesky T-zone at the same time.  The smell is heavenly - my own blend of Rosemary and Egyptian Rose Geranium!  It has a bit of ground organic rosemary to act as a gentle exfoliant - I thought that would be gentler than pumice, poppy seeds or some other more abrasive choice.  I'll be putting a contest up soon to see if y'all have any good ideas.

Here it is in the mold...

And sliced...

Isn't she just the prettiest thing?  Wish these were scratch and sniff photos :)



  1. How long 'til these soaps are ready for purchase?

  2. They will be ready the beginning of April :)

  3. Thanks! I'll be ready to order. :)

  4. Cheri, can you post again when the Bug Off soap is ready? I will order.


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