Thursday, April 14, 2011

All grown up!

One of my babies turned 21 yesterday.  Now how did that happen? Seems to me it was just last week that he needed to be rocked to sleep.

Jeremy has to be at home group since he's the leader. After Doodles' recent surprise party there, Jeremy  was sure to tell me that he didn't want any surprises, cakes or singing.  Isn't it grand that we don't have to obey our kids?

Some of the young ladies were gracious enough to bake a cake since I was "being watched".

It was also suggested that when Jeremy asked for volunteers to read the scriptures for the evening, one of these young ladies would volunteer - but instead of reading, she'd start singing Happy Birthday! What a great plan!  We ate snacks, fellowshipped, worshipped and then sat down for teaching time.

Jeremy was surprised when, instead of the scriptures, song burst forth!  At the same time, the cake was brought out.  Soooo many candles, it took 4 people to light them all :)

I'm so proud of this young man who loves the Lord, loves his family and strives to please Him in all he does!

However, he is as windy as ever - just took him a second to blow all 21 candles out!

We had a great evening of fellowship and fun. Thank you to everyone who helped me pull this off!

Happy Birthday honey....your mama loves you!

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  1. Yay for surprise parties! :o) Happy Birthday, Jeremy!


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