Monday, April 11, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

Life is very busy this month and it is so easy to close our eyes to the the endless gifts He lays before us. Gifts that are signs of His love.  We are making an effort to slow...and so we count His gifts...

#664 - #687

Faith healing right up

spring rains

friends visiting from Florida

Jeremy in the studio with friends once again

garden plans

herbs that came back

potluck dinners at church

slowing down for fellowship

storms that flew by

praying mantis cases - outside!

another round of classes almost done

braces making teeth straight

our mountain turning green

my greenhouse

friends that help with big projects

Siah's wood working mentor

long time friends visiting at church

summer clothes in the wash

9 batches of soap done in 3 days!

plants surviving ping-pong ball sized hail

the songs of spring all day and night

new plans for a chicken coop

neighbors who just drop by

elders who stand in the gap for my boys

We are learning to see His gfits as a continual love note that reminds us that He is always here.  He is faithful and He loves us passionately!  Will you worship Him with gratitude by counting His gifts with me?  You will discover that He is your source.  He is your healer.  He is your provider.

He never fails...

He never forsakes...

He leaves me breathless....


  1. I love that last..."He leaves me breathless..." Your header photos do the same. I hope someday I'm able to live in a place where God is so clearly, abundantly present every moment. But I guess the exercise is finding Him where I am, not where the grass is greener--right?

  2. Very true Kathleen! And be assured, sometimes it is very hard to see Him in the busyness of farm life - we just have to remember to s.l.o.w.!

  3. It is so true for I have definitely learned that He NEVER fails and NEVER forsakes. . . and it has left me breatless, too. Those potluck suppers --- aren't they the greatest??? Not only the food, but the fellowship, too. I was most touched by your statement concerning the elders who stand in the gap. We need that so much today for our young people, and happy to hear that your boys have that kind of example!!!! Just a great list today!!!


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