Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Seder

This Passover we were invited, by a dear friend, to attend a Seder dinner. We were so excited to go.  The location was beautiful...we looked out over vineyards and many dogwoods in bloom.  The evening was beautiful..the air was filled with song birds and the blowing of shofars.

The tables were beautifully decorated with the traditional Seder plate and plate of Matza on each table.

The teaching was wonderful!  The components of the Seder plate and the cups were explained in detail. Did you know that the Seder meal and Passover Supper were the same? Did you know that the meal ended with "communion"? The explanations of "what and why" for the tradition of the Seder were eye opening! The fact that we are still commanded today to celebrate this feast pricked my heart!

The power point presentation made things so easy to understand!

After the main portion of teaching, we were treated to a traditional meal. Oh.my.goodness! Smoked lamb, roasted potatoes, herb & gingered carrots, salad with Honey-Lime Basil dressing, flat bread and baklava for dessert! Such a feast!
After the meal, there was a bit more teaching and then a time of worshipping Him who died for us!

Along with plenty of shofars sounding off!

It was amazing how much the Seder pointed to Yeshua (Jesus), our Passover Lamb!  

Did you know Yeshua, our Passover Lamb, was crucified at the same time the Passover lambs were being slaughtered?

Did you know that when the Passover lambs were entering the gate, the people would sing Psalm 118 because the lamb designated to take away the sins of the nation was with the Priest entering that gate?  

Did you know that when Yeshua entered the gate the people were singing this same song to Him

Did you know that at the very hour they were binding the Passover lamb to the alter, they were binding Yeshua to the cross?

Did you know that when the High Priest slew the lamb for the nation he would say, "It is finished!"?

Did you know that at the very time they slew the passover lamb, Yeshua said "It is finished!" and died?

Did you know that the Matzah bread is bruised, striped and pierced just like Yeshua was for our sake?

There is so much more...if you don't understand the Hebrew culture at that time, the feasts and their purposes - you miss so much of Yeshua in the Old Testament!

If you would like to learn more  about the Spring Feasts you can visit here.

When our Savior came the first time, he fulfilled all of the Spring feasts.  When He comes again (and He will!), He will fulfill the Fall feasts.

What an exciting time we live in!



  1. Very cool! This was our first year to participate in the Seder meal. I loved it, but I have so much to learn.

  2. We've attended for two years. A friend does it for the homeschoolers in the area. Each year I learn something new that I didn't grasp the year before! Blessings :-)


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