Thursday, April 28, 2011


We knew it was coming....we just didn't know how bad it might be.

We spent a good part of last night in mama's basement with candles lit while tornados were spotted all around us.  We had a bit of flooding down there - good thing we were there to take care of it.

When it was finally clear to come back home, we found our kitchen flooded.  We're still working on how/why that happened.

Once the sun rises, Jeremy will check everything out. Josiah and I are on our way to U.T. for an exciting field day and to participate in a focus group on BDMs. Can't wait to share all about that!

What a night!  I'm very thankful for His protection and provision for our family.  We were safe, dry and warm.

Please pray for the families throughout the southeast who lost homes, friends and family members.



  1. We live in the Chattanooga area.. I am so sad to see all of the surrounding devastation! Thank the Lord we were spared, but many friends and family were affected.. Glad you are all safe! Blessings ~ Meg @ Life Together

  2. Glad you all are ok. We are also in east TN and spent a lot of time in the basement last night. We had hours of storm after storm pass over, several funnel clouds and one was said to have been an F4 but thank the Lord it didn't touch ground. The local high school was damaged and lots of homes and property but as far as I've heard no loss of life in our town. Praying for all those around who have suffered loss of property and loss of loved ones. God Bless

  3. I'm so thankful you and your family are all right. I can't imagine what it's like to be near to a tornado. We had lots of warnings when we lived in the city, but we don't seem to have as much up here. Keep us posted.


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