Monday, June 6, 2011

His Endless Gifts....

As summer gets into full swing on our farm, we see so many gifts from our Father!  With such tender care from Him, how could we not desire to worship Him passionately?

#856 - #883

a garden fully recovered - miraculous!

our first squash

canning plans

the beautiful sunset last night

worship with friends

laughing with my sons till I cry


food from the garden every day

the gift of a fancy dinner out!

teaching from the Word


projects completed

school all done for the summer!

reading together


Anna's enthusiasm - she makes me smile!

finches outside my window

lightening bugs last night - amazing!

flowers growing tall

fresh baked bread

summer fun!

company from Germany this week!

Lauren's sweet & gentle spirit - she blesses me!

friends always only a phone call away

Godly advice 

praying friends

the song of the river

daybreak - so peaceful

We are learning to see His gfits as a continual love note that reminds us that He is always here.  He is faithful and He loves us passionately! Will you worship Him with gratitude by counting His gifts with me?  You will discover that He is your source.  He is your healer.  He is your provider.

He never fails...

He never forsakes...

He leaves me breathless....


  1. I'm here from Ann's today. And all of these – charming – endless – true. I always like to pick a favorite when I read a thank you list - my favorite is not one – but the last three – perfect! that's exactly the way I feel! Everything here made me smile. Smiles are good. Thank you. And God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours this day.

  2. What a beautiful list. Something so *extra* special about food from the garden. Laughing till you cry... that was on my list today too! I love watching finches. How wonderful to have company all the way from Germany! Have a wonderful visit with them! :)

  3. Projects completed...wish that could be on my thank you list some week! LOL


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