Monday, July 11, 2011

His Endless Gifts

After spending a week in the shop, my computer is back and I'm so thankful.  Today, I have a picture list of His gifts to me.  It's been a busy week even without my computer!

#884 - #914

a computer problem fixed - still under warranty!

my married son's birthday with family around my table once again

finished canning sweet relish!

finished canning dill relish!

A day spent here with my family, swimming and boating and swimming again!

His provision for us...lettuce, cucumbers, onions, strawberries, brassicas...

corn and sweet potatoes (a first for us!)...

beans, watermelon, cantaloupe, more cucumbers...

hot peppers, dry beans, squash, zucchini...

sweet peppers, canning tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes...

purple coneflowers





peaches - freezing as fast as I get them

green beans - canning as fast as I'm able

sweet pickles - just beginning

dill pickles - done!

I love the summer break from teaching...although it is almost time to start lesson planning for next year! However, summer means much time spent in the garden and long days in front of the stove with my canner.  About this time, I am tired of canning however I know that come winter, I will be so thankful He provided a bounty to preserve. 

He is faithful...

He never fails or forsakes... 

He never lets go!

He leaves me breathless!


  1. Your pictures are beatuiful, I loved the post and my favorite is
    He is faithful...

    He never fails or forsakes...

    He never lets go!

    He leaves me breathless!

  2. Thank you Kay! He is amazing!


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