Monday, August 1, 2011

His Endless Gifts

We are busy here on the farm - the days are hot and humid, the garden is producing well and this year we've done the best job ever keeping the weeds at bay.  We are planning on a fall garden too so the dance with my canner will continue....we are thankful for the day of rest that He gave us as a gift.  It helps us to slow, refocus on Who is important and count His gifts to us each day!

#932 - #953

the cool that comes with evening

Grandma's pie recipe - found again!

meals from the garden

corn reaching to the sky!

tomatoes eaten right after picking

golden nuggets from the earth - Yukons!

a greenhouse still going

friends to share life with

a son counseling kids at camp

cool...early in the mornings

crockpots - great for beating the heat!

the flavors that He gives us - just could have all been the same!

a son playing before our minor league baseball team's game


french silk pie

granny smith apples from our own tree!

dogs who love their people 

leftovers when it's too hot to cook!

my daughter-in-law - she's amazing!

friends who understand

grilling out

elders digging deeper - really wanting to understand and obey!

His gifts are everywhere and we lift our thanks and praises to Him who is Holy! I am so grateful that my Father is there at all times - when things are going smoothly and when we experience tribulations. He is my provider, my protector and His eye is on my family....

He is faithful...

He never fails or forsakes... 

He never lets go!

He leaves me breathless!


  1. "dogs who love their people" - yep, I concur. :o) Great list! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stopping by from Ann's ~ Love the whole list esp. tomatos and crockpots!

    Have a great week :-)



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