Monday, August 8, 2011

His Endless Gifts

We are in the process of changing some of our garden beds over from summer crops to fall crops...I wonder how long we can keep it going this year.  My canner is busy - sometimes two at a time! Garlic is going in soon. So our busyness continues and yet we are see...the marvelous gifts He showers us with each day!

#954 - #974

cooler weather - a bit of a break

dinner with all my boys and my daughter around my table

time alone with my mama

striving for official approval and getting it - a new adventure will begin soon


Dr. Frank Seekins

hours spent with the boys studying the Word on a rainy afternoon

heating pads

medicine when we need it

a gifted chiropractor

hummingbirds outside my ktichen window

jalapenos to can

food from the garden every day

tomato sandwiches


my church family

good records

family pulling together to accomplish a task - teamwork!

serving others

the privilege of prayer - amazing that we can talk intimately with the Creator of All!

His gifts are everywhere and we lift our thanks and praises to Him who is Holy! I am so grateful that my Father is there at all times - when things are going smoothly and when we experience tribulations. He is my provider, my protector and His eye is on my family...

He is faithful

He is forgiving

He never fails me or forsakes me

He goes before me and makes my paths smooth

His yoke is easy

He never lets go

He leaves me breathless....

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  1. This'll crack you up. My second child...yes, you know the one...was unfamiliar with t.e.n.s., so decided it *must* stand for "Teen Entertainment Night Special".

    I think she's looking forward to a certain trip in the near future.


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