Monday, August 22, 2011

His Endless Gifts

This week I am thankful for my Father, the giver of all good things!

#982 - #994

that He brings peace, no matter our circumstances

that He loves unconditionally

that He is just

that He fights the battles for us...if we let Him

that He protects and loves His children

that His ways are higher than our own

that He is always good

that He is always the victor

that He never fails

that He always forgives

that His eye is always on us as He watches over us

that He never sleeps

that He loved us enough to provide a way to spend eternity with Him!

that He never lets go

As I watch my Father's provision for my family in all things, He leaves me breathless...


  1. Wonderful, wonderful list! He is so good and so faithful, no matter what! We are blessed! :)

    Keep watching!
    Visiting from Ann's place

  2. Visiting today from Ann's. Wonderful list. We have such a wonderful God who leaves me in awe. Blessings on your day!

  3. You wonderful leaves me breathless because it reminds me of His amazing love. Look forward to reading more!

    Maria @ Linen & Verbena


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