Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tennessee Splendor!

This fall I decided to take the boys and my mama on a trip to learn some local history.  

It was a gorgeous day and the fall colors took our breath away.

We hiked 1/2 mile to see this cabin - amazing how simply people lived!

We visited an old cemetery.

My sweet daughter-in-law came with us - she takes the most amazing pictures!

I loved this old feed trough - we hiked a mile to see this old farmstead.

This grist mill was still operating!

I love old barns!

Amazing!  Our Father paints the most glorious pictures!

Can anybody guess where we were?



  1. Love the photos and the place! Cades Cove is one of my favorite places to go. Have you ever been to Cataloochee over in N.C.? It's a lot like Cades Cove just on a smaller scale and less people, they also have elk over there. We went to Cades Cove to look at the beautiful fall colors also, wish I would have met you all there. God Bless

  2. Cades Cove!

    oh.....i've missed your posts!! things must be crazy around the farm...?

  3. HM, I've not been to Cataloochee but it is now on my list!

    Christy, Life has generally been a bit crazy but apparently I'm in a wee bit of a break :)


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