Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flip flops...and I'm not talking about shoes!

Newt Gingrich claims to be a conservative republican candidate for President....conservative ...hhhmmmm......

Conservative?  Seriously?
Evidently many of those who hold office or are running for office need a they can look up what conservative means...or maybe they should do something new, something listen to the people you claim to represent or follow the Constitution you took an oath to uphold.

Who is the only TRUE conservative, the only one who truly understands our Constitution, the only one who has...FOR THEIR ENTIRE POLITICAL CAREER consistently voted to uphold our Constitution?

Anyone know?

<--stepping down off my political soapbox now


  1. There is only one....Ron Paul! Who, should he remain in the running for the nomination, will get my vote!
    Kathy Jimison

  2. I. Am guessing that your question was tongue-in-cheek? Ron Paul, of course. Unfortunately, my husband and his family are Pennsylvanians and staunch Santorum supporters. My husband will admit that Ron Paul is great on everything except foreign policy, but his family has nothing but disdain for the man. My one brother-in-law would go so far as to call him a coward. I just try not to talk politics when we visit, because there is NO convincing them. I get that Santorum is a "moral conservative" but he's as big government as the other two when it comes to fiscally, I think.


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