Monday, January 23, 2012

His Endless Gifts!

Today, I count the 1,000th gift that my gracious Father has bestowed upon me.  But how can I stop...for I know that He will not stop. It only requires that I slow...take time...have eyes to see the good things that constantly flow from His hand....

#995 - #1015

the sight and sound of a thousand birds moving in unison

men from church guiding and molding my sons

this slow season of winter

the soft glow of candles

phone calls that turn burdens into blessings from His hand

the robin pulling worms in my yard yesterday

His response to my obedience

our first snowfall - so lovely!

our circle of friends - always encouraging

women who pray with me at the drop of a hat

the young adults at my church - what a blessing

daily memories of my grandparents

Mom doing well at 85!

the protectiveness of my sons

the ESV

men willing to preach and teach


the promise of spring

the flicker of firelight

board games till midnight

a Sabbath rest

As I watch my Father's provision for my family in all things, He leaves me breathless...

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