Monday, January 16, 2012

Making changes!

Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do!

We had such a wonderful December that I'd like to share it with you.  We attended several Christmas parties at the homes of friends. We did some special things as a family during our time off from school. We had a lovely worship service on Christmas Eve - baptisms, communion and lots of worship.  It was wonderful!

We did some things differently this year.  Please understand that what I'm about to share is how we see the Father leading us.  Our Father leads us all a bit differently so there is no suggestion here that you should do the same and no condemnation to those who disagree.

Several years ago, my boys began studying the roots of the traditional American holidays.  We were surprised to find so much paganism.  We knew about some of the holidays but we were surprised by others.

Year before last, my boys wanted to stop celebrating "Christmas" and celebrate Chanukah instead.  For many reasons, I didn't allow them to do so that year. But, I also assured them that we could do so the next year if they were still convicted.  They this year we put aside our normal traditions and began some new ones by celebrating the Festival of Lights.  We all enjoyed it!

We lit a new candle on the Menorah each night...

We filled our home with light....

We played with the traditional Dreidal....

 and wagered Gelt!

The last night before Chanukah, our whole family joined us for our traditional Snicky Snack night. We
ate our favorite foods and also some foods that we only have once a year (not so healthy!)...

Hot wings!

Holiday Cheese Dip!

Carmel Pecan Silk Supreme Pie!

And many other goodies the boys and I baked during the week!

It was a table filled with good food in a room full of people we love!

We filled our plates and enjoyed a family movie together!

The next day, we celebrated with a traditional turkey dinner (thank you Sue!)....

and once again, our home was filled with family and laughter.  Things were different this year...but they were wonderful too!  The boys are already making plans for next year!

I hope your holidays were filled with family, love and laughter!


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