Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Excuse the dust!

The dust is thick...can you see it? But it is beginning to settle!!! We are busy, busy, busy making changes...to our name, our location, our website and adding to our lovely line of natural products! The shop is getting ready to re-open and I'm so excited!! I can promise you one thing - the quality of my products, the scents you love, your favorite teas, lip balms and healing salves will stay the same! There will be some new soaps, products, collections and more gracing our shelves in the future. We will be re-introducing things slowly but steadily and adding new products all through the summer! We are glad to be back and look forward to serving your family's needs naturally!


  1. Hi Cheri! Nice to see you're posting. I have you on my RSS feed so I saw this today. I recently made soap from your soap making book - it's great. I hope you and your family are all well.

  2. Hello Cheri, glad to see you back and to know all is well.
    God Bless


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