Sunday, June 30, 2013

July 1st Celebration Party Plan!

Tomorrow is the big day!  I'm excited and hope y'all are too! The confetti is ready to throw toss gently at all of  you...and the balloons are floating gently above my head. Imagine your favorite colors...yep...that's exactly what they look like!

Here's the tentative plan for tomorrow...however, remember I'm a real person with real boys and I live on a farm (think animal antics!) so if I'm just a few minutes late for any of this know that I'll be there shortly and entertain yourself by imagining what my "fill in the blank"-------> (boys, horse, cows, chickens, cats, dogs etc.) have done mothers of boys will know exactly what I mean!

9:00 am - Store-wide sale begins - everything is 10% off until midnight!  You will need to use the code "Celebrate"...because we are you know!

10:00 - New Soap will be revealed...this one takes you to the heart of my Tennessee forests!

11:00 - First Soap naming contest - if you are the winner you'll get a free bar of the new soap!

12:00 - Lunch time!  Take a break, have a cup of tea and come back for an afternoon of fun!

1:00 - New Salve will be revealed! You'll thank me later...seriously!

2:00 - Second Soap naming contest - same as above and yes you can enter both- rules will be posted tomorrow!

3:00 - New shampoo bar will be revealed!  Made especially for my Aunt Sue (waving to you in Colorado!) and now my new favorite!

4:00 - Lip Balms will be revealed!  Several fun scents and a new one I've been working on for sometime!

Sounds like a full day and I hope all of you will join me!  I'm looking forward to your creative names for my lovely new soaps!

It's so good to be back!!!!


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