Thursday, July 11, 2013

Coffee Bean Soap!

My Coffee Bean Soap is back on my shelves and all dressed up with a beautiful new picture! 

Although I am a tea drinker, I love the smell of coffee! I just wish it didn't taste so sons have all tried to get me to switch from coffee to tea.  I've had a taste of every chocolate, caramel, vanilla, sickening sweet concoction that they can think of and it STILL tastes like - coffee. I'm an herbal tea, sweet tea, any kind of healthy tea kinda gal...and it doesn't bother me a bit.

Coffee has the ability to remove food odors from your hands.  After an afternoon chopping onions and garlic or dealing with fish, I know that when I leave my kitchen my hands won't smell like the meal I just prepared.  I keep Coffee Bean Soap at my kitchen sink just for those times! 

You'll notice many new pictures going son Elijah is now my official photographer and I love his work!  He is so much more creative than I am!  What was an awful chore for me is a delight to him, so we are both contented!

My advice to y'all....drink tea and wash with coffee...just sayin'!


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