Monday, July 1, 2013

Head to Heels Peppermint Salve!

Introducing my newest creation! 

From hurting heads to hurting heels this salve brings relief!  It helps wonderfully with stress headaches in our family. I love it for dry cracked feet and heels...just a bit rubbed in at bedtime helps my feet stay healthy and feel great! 

I spend most of the day on my feet and this salve is my "go to" salve every evening! If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all of the time....or if you are a mom (just saying!), you will love, love, love this salve!

There is a touch of menthol in this salve for cooling relief from headaches, tired and throbbing feet and muscle cramps!

Head to Heels Peppermint salve is packed with healing butters - five of them to be exact! I thought about naming it 5 Butter Salve but Head to Heels just seemed a better choice!

I chose Illipe butter for it's long-lasting moisturizing properties and it's renowned skin softening quality.  It helps prevent drying of the skin while restoring skin flexibility and elasticity.  Great for those dry, cracked feet and elbows!

I also used Mango butter for it's emollient and moisturizing properties, Shea butter because it hydrates and balances the skin while protecting it, Aloe butter because it quickly hydrates and moisturizes the skin, and Avocado butter for it's moisturizing and penetrating properties.

Peppermint essential oil is a natural analgesic and has many healing eases the mind, improves your focus and concentration, and is used to relieve headaches and muscle cramps. It is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and helps increases circulation. It feels amazing on tired feet - just seems to give your feet a little boost when you need it!

I can hardly wait to hear what y'all think of it!



  1. So, what are the primary differences between this and Aches Away? I've used AA for migraines before, but it sounds like this might be a better choice?

  2. Hi Hannah,
    I'll be sure to use your email if you win! The Aches Away is a deep heating salve with many essential oils....while this salve is filled with butters for moisturizing and only uses peppermint essential oil. I have many customers that use Aches Away for migraines and if that is all you would use it for I would stick to the Aches Away. If you wish to do something for rough elbows, knees or heels at some point, then I would recommend you try the Head to Heels.


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