Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hello Beautiful!

I was trying to get this posted all afternoon but the thunder continued to rumble!  Finally we have a break, so I need to hurry!

This time we have two winners - who both submitted the same name within a short time of each other!

And the winner is..."Ciao Bella!" submitted by Linda and Allison!  

Thank you ladies!  Message or email me with your choice of lip balm and addresses!

A new picture will be re-taken when the sun decides to shine again.  This was a hard decision and involved phone calls to family members and much discussion - I really loved Mama Mia too (Hi Beth!).

Tomorrow I have a homeschooling conference but on Friday... let's talk farm...gardens, eggs, flowers, herbs, chickens and a bit about the "new man" in my life!


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