Monday, July 15, 2013

My new toy!

I have the cutest new toy!  I ordered it thinking about y'all.   I often get phone calls from people wanting to order over the phone - they don't trust placing orders on websites.  However,  I didn't have a way to take credit cards over the phone...

Until now!

I got this box in the mail and now have everything set up so that I can do exactly that!  It will also help my local customers!  Now, they don't have to run to the bank each time before we meet.

It's the cutest little thing...

And it plugs right into my phone! Every transaction is encrypted, exceeding industry security standards! I was so excited to try it, I bought something from myself...seriously!  It worked great!

Although technology frustrates me once in awhile, there are some aspects that I just love! I'm a bit behind but I'm catching up with the help of my sons and friends.

If something new comes down the pike, y'all let me know.  Since I haven't had network t.v. in over 25 years, my life is a bit insulated.  I can't complain, I kind of like it that way!



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