Friday, July 12, 2013

Say Cheese!

Elijah has been busy updating some of my ugly outdated pictures on my website!  Take a peek at his work with Canine Caress!

I love the old barn wood - I think I need a chunk of old barn wood to serve as a backdrop for pictures...all kinds of pictures...everything looks better with barn wood!

Italian Potpourri is back on my shelves and she looks good enough to eat...I wanted pasta for supper after I saw this one! 

Seriously.  I've decided on stuffed ravioli - cheese and mushroom - yummy!  I'll be making Garlic Knots to go with it.  You can find the recipe for my home made, delicious, from scratch, dripping with butter and garlic and lightly covered with freshly grated Parmesan cheese here...the pictures appear to have run away from home so you'll have to work through the recipe without them.  Do won't be sorry...promise!

Next time I make them, I'll try to remember to have Elijah take pictures and I will re-post the recipe. Elijah agrees that this needs to be done quickly for photographic integrity...history...  etc.  etc.  etc.  However, you and I both know that what he really wants is to eat the garlic knots...not take pictures of them! I'll play along...sssshhhhhh....

In the meantime, send me your pics if you try it!



  1. Your Garlic Knots are the best! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe. You know my kiddos as well as my husband LOVES them.
    grace and peace,

  2. I haven't met anyone yet that didn't like them. Even the strict dieters have to have just a bite!


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