Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Soaps & Italy!

We have been busy - restocking our shelves with your old favorites and coming up with new and wonderful artisan soaps!

You will find "Lijah's Lemon Lime" is back.  This soap has a fresh scent and is swirled with organic calendula petals.  This soap was created for Elijah when he was little and he asked, "can you please make me a lime soap mama?".  Now, Elijah is taking photos of his own soap - time.has.flown.

One of my favorite soaps is Working Hands. It is back on the shelves and it finally has a picture that does it justice! I love this picture!

Double Mint is back.  This is Elijah's favorite soap.  It is such a great soap to wake up to!  The blend of mints is refreshing and truly gives him a jump start in the mornings. I like it for the same reason.  There are those days that I need a little help getting my eyes open early in the morning...mostly after late night talk fests with my boys. (Why do teenagers feel they can talk best between the hours of midnight and three a.m.?)

Remember to submit your names for the contest to rename Italian Potpourri...you have a little bit longer and I'm looking forward to giving this glorious soap a prettier name!

Stay tuned tomorrow - I will be unveiling another new soap!  This one is for the ladies....


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