Thursday, August 8, 2013

Heading to Spain!

I have the best friends and customers!  And sometimes they are both.  A sweet friend happens to love a lip balm that I have made and sold locally for some time.  I've been out of it for a loooonnnggg time. She requested it a looonnnggg time ago and life just got in the way.  My friend just relocated to Spain.  I look at her pictures and might be just a wee bit envious right now.

So, I wanted to send her a housewarming present for her new home and what could be nicer than something she has longed for?

Check out the purple topped lip balm...upper left?

It is Lavender Lip Balm and it is amazing!   Beth...this was made especially for  you and you'll find a box at your door soon....right after it crosses that great big ocean...we miss you and Josh!

The rest of y'all, that don't happen to live within driving distance of my farm, can find it just a click away on my website.  This lip balm is smooth and creamy and filled with Lavender essential oil and Vitamin E.  Lavender essential oil is known for it's ability to soothe skin tissue, burns and areas that are chapped.  That makes my Lavender Lip Balm perfect for lips that are exposed to wind and sun! 

If you are an outdoor person, or even if you just love Lavender, my Lavender Lip Balm is made especially for you!

I hope y'all will love it as much as Beth does!



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