Friday, August 30, 2013

My New Kitchen Soap!

This is a picture of my new kitchen soap.

I call it a kitchen soap because it is full of every citrus essential oil known to man (well, at least known to me!).  I used those oils so that this soap would cut grease!  I wish the picture was scratch and sniff!

The customers who have been at the farm, friends and family have all sniffed....and coveted!  The scent is amazing! But she isn't quite ready yet - just a few more days. The specks are dried powdered lemon peel.  Just a wee bit of exfoliation happening there! It is also full of very moisturizing oils like jojoba, aloe vera and wheat germ.  Nice!

I'm thinking about calling her My Tennessee Kitchen. doesn't light a fire under me. I thought I'd open her up to a soap contest!  I'll have one other (maybe two...trying to decide!) contest and that should do until I get that beer soap made...

Same rules but a bigger prize!

The Rules

1. Contest begins now and ends at midnight on Sunday, September 1st.

2. Name will be chosen by my family.  Although there *is* a winner, we are not obligated to use your name...after all..we might choose one of our own!

3. You can't be related to me and win.

4. You may enter as many times as you like.

5. Suggestions must be left in the comment section of this post or on Facebook 
(TNfarmgirl naturals). No emails! 

6. Winner will be announced September 3rd!

And now we have...
The Prizes!

Winner gets a free bar of the soap they name or any other soap in stock AND a lip balm of their choice!
I even pay the shipping!

Always wanted to try my products but never had the chance? Now is the time...perhaps you can try them absolutely free! 

 Let the name game begin! 



  1. That sounds delishous!
    I have 2 ideas
    Citrus scrub

  2. Here are some:
    Fresh Kitchen
    Clean Kitchen
    Clean Citrus
    Citrus Fresh


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