Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mystery Solved!

So...those funny little things? Lots of good guesses from y'all.  Those little things will come in a little ziploc bag...with a sticker...and they are.....

Free samples!

Y'all know that I love to give samples away.  If you've seen me speak locally, there is always something given away, or teas to taste or cheese to consume.  Last night I spoke to a local group and during my presentation, I made a bottle of herbed vinegar and gave that away.  Fun!!

If you've ordered from me before, you know that usually you will find a free soap ball tucked into your package...or maybe two!

If you have a huge order, you might find a bar of soap or a lip balm! I love finding unexpected gifts in my own orders and I thought y'all would too!

Now, when I make a salve or lip balm...I'll be filling these tiny things. I will tuck them into your orders whenever I have them. If you've really wanted to try a certain salve, add a note to your order.  If I have that sample,  I'll tuck it into your package.  If I don't, you may get something else.

Soap balls, lip balm samples, salve samples...they're all free and that's always good!

I hope you enjoy yours - no matter which one you get!

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